Purchase A Firearm

When purchasing a firearm(s), please bring a valid state ID with your current address, and if you have one, a current CCW/CCL valid in the state of Utah.

Anyone who intends to purchase a firearm(s) or regulated items from Gallenson’s Guns must fill out an ATF 4473 and complete/pass an FBI NICS background check.

If you are interested in purchasing a firearm or regulated item, please review all federal and state laws prior to visiting Gallenson’s Gun Shop.

If you are a prohibited person, attempting to purchase a firearm or regulated item is a felony.

We reserve the right not to sell a firearm or do business with anyone we deem suspicious or suspect of committing a straw purchase.

FFL Transfer

  • Incoming transfers are $30 for each serialized item. Please provide your full name and phone number with each transfer
  • Outgoing transfers start at $50 per item.
  • If you’re referencing your tracking number for delivery of an item, please give us 24-48 hours to contact you once your transfer has arrived. We receive a lot of firearms daily and need time to book your transfers before you can pick them up.
  • Include a current copy of your FFL (if transferring from a dealer), or a copy of your Driver’s License (if transferring from an individual).
  • Include the recipient’s name and phone number.
  • As per Federal policy, we will only transfer handguns to a resident of Utah, unless you are on active duty in the U.S Armed Forces and currently stationed in Utah.
  • As per store policy, we will only transfer long guns to a resident of Utah, or a state that has a border touching Utah (Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada).

*We no longer accept transfers for NFA items.

Purchase An NFA Item

If you are interested in purchasing an NFA regulated item we suggest setting up a trust if you have not done so (recommended but not required). All rules and regulations to purchase a firearm apply to purchasing an NFA item(s) as well. In addition to the ATF 4473 and the FBI NICS background check, the intended buyer must fill out an ATF Form-4 , submit a copy of 2 ATF approved fingerprint cards, 2 U.S. passport photos, and pay a $200 tax on EACH regulated item. All these forms will be completed in store.

BE AWARE – Approval of ATF Form-4 is a lengthy process and you cannot leave the same day with your purchased item(s) and we cannot submit the ATF Form-4 unless the item(s) is paid in full. If you are interested in how long current wait times are you can refer to the NFA Tracker.

We do not facilitate with the making (Form-1) of NFA regulated items.